Running the Heart of our Business

Our stores team lives at the pace of fashion, helping customers and helping us continually improve the shopping experience and processes.

/ +6,000 Stores
/ 215 Markets
/ New Products delivered twice per week
/ 87% of our people work in our stores

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Store Jobs

Sales Assistant

Sales Assistants use their knowledge of trends and their own personal style to inspire customers and find products to suit them.  

Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandisers decide how and where product is displayed, according to campaign guidelines and their own creativity.  

Store Manager

The store manager is the leader of their business. They motivate the team, implement the necessary actions to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the store, and develop strategies and promotions to drive sales.

In-Store Operations

The In-Store Operations team coordinates the stockroom, ensuring the reception, storage, preparation, organization and distribution of products quickly and responsively to meet our customers’ needs.




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Making Fashion a Reality

Our product team uses their creativity, attention to detail and knowledge for what’s trending to make products at the leading edge of style.  

/ +700 Designers
/ More than 50% Join Life garments in 2022
/ 3 Weeks from design to availability in store

Product Jobs


Designers research the trends that define the season and apply their creativity to translate them into our collections.  


Buyers launch and monitor production and supervise each phase of the process, from the idea and manufacture of a product to the arrival of the final garment in store.

Product Manager

Product Managers adapt our collections to the needs of each market so that customers always have what they’re looking for.



Committed to make a positive difference.

The Sustainability department is working on new initiatives and innovative solutions to limit our water and energy consumption, reduce waste, combat climate change and generate value in communities from all areas of our business.

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Sustainability Jobs

Technical Specialists

They have the knowledge needed to develop strategies that have a real impact on people, biodiversity and natural resources.

Senior Project Manager

They work on the ground, together with the different players involved to advance sustainable raw materials and circularity, and to achieve a positive impact on people and communities.

Reporting and ESG teams

They are responsible for our measurement and transparency tools to report on the progress of our sustainability strategy and the targets we have set ourselves.




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Integrating Fashion with Technology

Our Technology Team integrates the latest developments in technology and digital processes to serve the needs of our internal teams and our millions of customers around the world.  

Technology Jobs

Tech Lead

Tech Leads oversee a specific software product and manage a team of developers to ensure its performance against expectations.

Junior Developer

Junior Developers review technical solutions, distributing tasks and execute as part of the team.

Principal Big Data Engineer

Our Principal Big Data Engineer are passionate about data and the opportunity it provides to organizations. They use Big Data and Cloud computing for more advanced data processing and Analytics, and are excited about these technologies. They are in contact with senior client stakeholders to understand their data and design the ingestion process to store the data locally and prepare it for Data Analytics.

Scrum Master

Our Scrum Masters have excellent knowledge of the scrum framework, with all its artifacts and techniques. They coordinate people and projects, occasionally facilitating changes, with their mind always set on deliverables.



A prime example of image and innovation.

Our online sales platforms are a global benchmark in image and customer service thanks to the integrated efforts of its large multidisciplinary team in which creative, digital and technological talent converge.

/ Presence in 215 markets

/ 17 million daily visits

/ Image and Sales, Digital Marketing, Operations and Technology teams

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Online Jobs

Art Director

Our creative teams are responsible for the image of our website and digital platforms from a global perspective of photography and styling. They work hand in hand with the product teams in order to generate the editorial content that brings our garments to life.

Online Marketing

These team members are responsible for the product strategy on the website, they analyze and identify customer needs, collaborate with the planning of the collection and stock distribution and work with the image teams to represent the collections on the website.

Online Operations

These team members optimize the online supply chain processes and implement policies in the distribution centres. They design and supervise all of the warehouse operations, analyze the main KPIs and create plans for continuous improvement.

Digital Analyst

These team members are responsible for designing and implementing the digital strategies to boost brand knowledge, acquire new customers, increase website traffic and identify opportunities for growth within a digital environment.

Product Owner

The Product Owner is the link between the business, UX design and software development groups.  




Bringing Fashion to Everyone

The Logistics Team delivers new products to all our stores around the world.

/ 12 Logistics Centers around the world
/ Two deliveries every week
/ 100% of the energy in logistics centers is renewable

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Logistics Jobs


The warehouse team supervises the receipt, storage, preparation and transport of clothing.

Logistics and Operations

This team develops logistics strategies, executing operations and managing the information systems.

Import, Export and Transport

This team supervises transport of clothing, footwear, perfume, decoration, furniture, fabrics and more.   


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Managing the Processes that Make Business Possible

We support the business by creating and managing processes to help everything run smoothly.

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Office Jobs


Our Communications Team strengthens Inditex Group’s corporate image for all our possible audiences: our internal teams, our customers, the general public, corporate institutions, suppliers and the media.


Our People team takes care of our candidates, employees and ex-employees, finding the best talents and helping them grow, learn, belong and be happy as a part of our teams. In this way each person can bring their true selves to work and give their best. Our People team makes working at Inditex truly more than a job.


The main function of the finance department is financial management at a corporate level in the different markets and brands of the Inditex Group. It is made up of different areas such as: Management Planning and Control, Treasury, Risk Management, Administration, Processes and Projects, and the Tax area.


Our architectural teams design our stores and manage projects according to the brand image and executional guidelines.


Our architectural teams design our stores and manage projects according to the brand image and executional guidelines.