Our Ethical Commitment

People are, without question, the most essential part of our company. There are 165,000 of us, spanning 177 nationalities and sharing the same values of entrepreneurial spirit, non-conformism, innovation, inclusion, humility, and ethics - all of which are built into each of our operations.

We’ve always believed that fashion is personal—a tool for self-expression, identity inspiration and community empowerment. We take that responsibility to heart. Our philosophy of ethical improvement is what defines us and inspires us to constantly evolve, innovate and leverage the power of fashion to create positive change in the lives of people, societies and culture at large.

We hold a steadfast belief that the how matters and it’s our responsibility to make a community better for us having been there.

In all dealings without stakeholders, we go far beyond our legal obligations, and build relationships guided by our commitment to our ethics.

Rules of Conduct. Policies

Our Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices and our Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers are the cornerstones of our corporate ethics culture and the responsible conduct towards our teams and our supply chain. They define the principles and values that govern our relations with our main stakeholders; and are underpinned by respect for human and labour rights.  Every specific facet is then addressed through internal rules (policies or procedures).


Anti-Corruption and Integrity

We have approved several policies that set down our unwavering commitment to preventing any form of corruption, fraud, money laundering or illegal financing.


Criminal Risk Prevention

The Compliance Function is spearheaded by the Ethics Committee, as the decision-making body, and the Compliance Department, under the General Counsel's Office, whose mission is to oversee the execution of the Group's Compliance Model. It implements the Criminal Risk Prevention Model, a by-product of the Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices, to foster ethical conduct on the company and its employees, mainly on the prevention of white-collar crime. It relates the conduct commitments assumed in that Code with the specific crimes which must be prevented within the company.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is made up of the company's General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors, the Chief Compliance Officer, the Chief Internal Audit Officer, the Chief Sustainability Officer and the Chief Human Resources Officer. Its duty is to ensure familiarity and compliance with the Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices by all Group professionals and to manage the Ethics Line.

The Ethics Committee will proceed at all times in an independent manner and guarantees to the people affected by its proceedings: 

/ That all their data, the background of the cases and its proceedings will be kept confidential.

/ That every data will be thoroughly and objectively reviewed.

/ That any affected person will have a right to be heard and will be presumed innocent. 

/ That no acts of retaliation will be taken against anyone.

Ethics Line Procedure

It may act at its own initiative or at the behest of any Inditex employee, manufacturer, supplier or third party with a direct relationship and legitimate business or professional interest reporting an incident in good faith. It can also act on its own motion. The Ethics Line can be used to report any perceived breach of the Group's codes of conduct and/or other internal policies and conduct rules. 

Ethics line