Every Mother Counts Programme

We support the provision of prenatal care and attention to pregnant women in Bangladesh and The United States.

We have recently reinforced our agreement with Every Mother Counts to support its projects for the next three years, through 1.5 million dollars, in order to provide quality, respectful and equitable prenatal care and care during pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal care for women and their children, as well as education and maternal health awareness projects.

The support of Inditex has enabled Every Mother Counts to work alongside the HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh in the Cox's Bazaar region, in the south-east of the Asian country, and medical and pre and post-natal care was provided to almost 1,600 low-income women in situations of social exclusion and their children in the United States.

We also want to amplify Every Mother Counts’ message and mobilize more and more supporters to action.