We support Entrecultura's long-term projects in Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

Since 2001 we have funded with more than 51 million euros several education programmes run by Entreculturas - a Jesuit-sponsored NGO that encourages social change through the fostering of equal access to education- directly benefiting 1.2 million people. 

Educating People, Generating Opportunities (EPGO)

The three-year EPGO programme began in 2014 with two key objectives. First, to deliver the vocational training needed to lift people out of poverty and to provide care. Secondly, to support education focused initiatives for those who need them the most. The objective is to increase the opportunities of mainly women and children in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Lebanon, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela. This initiative has directly benefited over 583,000 people since the beginning -69,000 in 2021. 

Conflict in Colombia

Since 2007 have been working closely with Entreculturas to help people affected by the conflict in Colombia.

Our latest three-year programme ‘On the Colombian Borders’ offers education, technical and food safety training, as well as psychological and legal assistance to displaced people in Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Venezuela.

A key aim is to break the cycle of violence through the provision of education for young people with the purpose of securing their eventual integration into the labour market, away from groups associated with the conflict.