All our employees are empowered to become brand ambassadors should they wish to be.

One of Inditex’s priorities is to actively participate in the communities where we operate, increasing our social contribution in the countries where we are present. That is why all Inditex employees have the opportunity to become a solidarity ambassador for the company.

Several years ago, Inditex launched a series of social initiatives to help promote inclusion in the workforce of groups with special needs or in vulnerable situations. One example of these efforts is the Salta project that began in France in 2008 under the title Jeunes, reaching Spain in 2010.

Salta aims to train young people on the edge of social exclusion to incorporate them into our workplace either in stores, factories or logistics centres. Over 1,300 people have joined Inditex through this project 

Other initiatives our colleagues can get involved include The Big Idea Project: a set of social projects where colleagues can propose their social and environmental initiatives for promotion by non-profit entities. More than 43 solidarity projects have been launched thanks to the Big Idea Project, leading to more than 4,100 corporate volunteer hours.  

Finally, through our Teaming initiative all of our staff in nine different countries are able to donate a fixed amount of their wages every month to a social project. For each euro/pound/zloty/Mexican peso donated by an employee, the company donates another two to the same project. More than 31,000 people in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Mexico have joined this project in its second edition.