Our priorities are the protection of the environment and human rights, through focusing on traceability and transparency.

Right to Wear is how we do business. We love making fashion and we love helping our customers feel good and look great. But we are also aware of the big impact our activity has on the world. We want that impact to be as positive as possible – so we are committed now and in the future to doing business sustainably and responsibly.

Our aim is to create beautiful, ethical, quality products that are not only right for our customers, but right for the people who work for us, right for communities and right for the environment. Our aim is to create fashion that is Right to Wear.

That means thinking and acting sustainably and transparently, with the traceability of every aspect of our activity:

And much more. These approach and behaviour are key to create value beyond profit.

OUR AIM IS To create beautiful, ethical, quality fashion

We have developed the highest standards of sustainability and the strictest codes of conduct and are regarded by many as industry-leading. And we fulfil, as all our employees are trained to do so.

Any employee, manufacturer or supplier of Inditex, and any third party with a direct relationship, may report to our Committee of Ethics any breaches regarding our Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices or our Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers that they may be aware of; they would affect Inditex and such breaches originate in other employees, manufacturers, suppliers or third parties.

Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices

Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and SuppliersPDF, 70Kb

We also make sure that all our employees and the third parties they have buiness relations with are complaining with our Integrity Policies:

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing PolicyPDF, 273Kb

Policy on gifts and business courtesiesPDF, 89Kb

Policy on donations and sponsorshipsPDF, 117Kb

Policy on dealings with public servantsPDF, 46Kb

We assume the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the United Nations member States approved for the 2030 Agenda in order to end all forms of poverty, reduce inequality and fight climate change, among others. Especially those principles that are relevant to the company given its industry, context and business model. They guide all the decisions and procedures of our Group. 

Our Community Investment Policy also follows the guidelines of the Sustainable Development Goals to voluntarily promote social initiatives that create value to beneficiaries and the company itself. 

And we are subject to the scrutiny of the main sustainability indexes (FTSE4 Good, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Carbon Disclosure Project), that have recognized our industry leadership and our commitment with sustainability for the last years.


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Human rights pledge

We are firmly committed to protecting human rights in every aspect of our business operations, all along our value chain, as enshrined in our Human Rights Policy, approved by our Board of Directors in 2016. We identify the most significant impacts of our value creation on human rights and to establish the required safeguards, as well as we establish our claims mechanisms to remedy any negative human rights impacts.

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 Our Partnerships

Our stakeholders

We keep a transparent dialogue with our stakeholders to approach the challenges and opportunities of our activity. We assume the expectations of our employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, community and environment. We are assessed by our Social Advisory Board, a group of external and independent people and institutions that help us formalise our dialogue with key society representatives.

Our Partnerships