Our stores and online platforms are the beating heart of our business, working seamlessly together as integrated commerce platforms.

All Inditex stores are situated in high-profile commercial areas, including landmark buildings in the most celebrated shopping streets in the world. We invest in creating beautiful spaces that bring out the best of architectural form and function, with open lines and warm, welcoming interiors.

Each of our seven brands has a distinctive store aesthetic which is carried through to their online platforms. With the finest window furniture and lighting at their disposal, our talented creative and visual display teams take great care to express the personality of our brands and let the fashion speak for itself.

In this integrated model of stores and online, displays are regularly updated and layouts are meticulously recreated around the world, ensuring brand continuity no matter the location in order to offer an easy, agile and efficient experience.

Our stores and online platforms are where our unique relationship with customers is forged

Everyday interaction between our customers and staff is all-important for our fashion decisions, helping us understand customer needs. 

Inditex Open Platform

This integrated platform of stores and online have its own differentiated technologically ecosystem, Inditex Open Platform, that is characterized of being own, open and modular. This complete digital architecture allows Inditex to adapt to customers in real time, offering them the possibility of interacting with fashion under their preferences

Visible demonstration of sustainability

Our stores also serve as a visible demonstration of our commitment to sustainability. 100% are ‘eco-stores’ and 60% of our own stores are already connected to Inditex’s central energy efficiency control system Inergy.

Many of our new flagship stores go much further, achieving certification for rigurous and respected sustainability standards. Besides, in 2021, 91% of the energy used in our facilities (headquarters, logistics and stores) was renewable (100% in 2022).