Our eight brands share the same main objective: responding to the needs of our customers through the best experience.

We place the customer at the very centre of our business model. Knowing and delivering exactly what our customers want -no matter where they are- demands meticulous organisation, close attention to detail, and industry-leading technological innovation in every part of our value chain.

Whether we are designing, manufacturing, or distributing our products, we are always looking at how our operations can improve customer service and the quality of the customer experience – while honouring the commitments to sustainability that our customers expect from us. Listening to feedback, making short production runs, and investing in state-of-the art logistics allows us to pinpoint and meet customer needs, refreshing our stores and online plataforms with new styles twice a week.

Customer-focused innovations

Agility and precision behind the scenes is only half the story. How we respond to customer needs face-to-face and online is just as important. Every morning in every store our teams discuss how they can serve customers better, and they take part in comprehensive training programmes centred on enhancing customer relations. Investment of more than €2 billion in new technologies has led to some outstanding customer-focused innovations.

The implementation of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, that has been internally developed by our teams, allows staff to help customers find items instantly in-store, nearby or online. 

Every Inditex brand will have implemented the RFID system in 2020

It also speeds up stocktaking by 80%, freeing up time for better customer care. This system is now available across Zara´s entire store base as well as Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti and Uterqüe. The entire process is scheduled for completion in all the Group's brands in the summer of 2020. 

Other customer advances being trialled include:

  • The integrated stock management, which is in place in Zara stores in 64 markets and completed in Uterqüe, that allows to fulfil customers' online orders both from store warehouses and online stockrooms, helping to shorten delivery times and enhance customer service.

  • Value-added customer services as same-day delivery -already on offer in Madrid, London, Paris, Istanbul, Taipei, Shanghai, Sydney, Warsaw, Toronto, Moscow, Mexico and New York- , and next-day delivery -available in Spain, France, the UK, Poland, China, South Korea, Canada and Australia.

  • mobile payments, simplifying the purchase and returns process.

  • the removal of paper tickets for all online orders from each brand already in 54 markets.

  • Automated order delivery points at Zara, where shoppers can pick up orders placed online at their convenience. These are currently available at stores in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bilbao (Spain), Glasgow (UK), Haussman (Paris, France), Leicester (UK), Liverpool (UK), Marineda (A Coruña, Spain), Matosinhos (Portugal), Milan (Italy) and Stratford (London, UK). 

Social media is also proving to be a valuable opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship with our customers. We are delighted that our customers talk to us about everything from the latest trends to supply chain integrity, giving us the chance to explain our commitments to sustainability, society and the environment. The group currently has over 190 million followers in social media.