We are assisting Caritas in its employment programme in Spain for vulnerable people and in several social initiatives in Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Our work with Caritas Spain on the employment front dates back to 2011. Since then, the programme has established its credentials as a benchmark initiative in improving the job prospects and workplace integration of people at risk of social exclusion. Its holistic approach - contemplating training plans designed to foster workplace integration, social economy and self-employment initiatives and on-the-job training - enabled a total of 1,422 people improved their employability, 1,056 received training and 495 found employment in 2018..

Some €5 million of funding has been endowed to the programme for 2017 to 2019, thanks to which it is expected to support nearly 600 training initiatives for learning a new trade or enhancing an existing one, accompanied by work practice in order to boost placement rates. This programme also aspires to further foster the creation and consolidation of social economy projects in areas such as the tourism, graphics arts, restaurant and organic farming sectors. 

Community development projects

We have been assisting the international relief organisation Caritas on a range of community development projects in Bangladesh and Cambodia since 2008.

In 2016, we were happy to announce a new three-year agreement with Caritas and a donation of €2.4 million for ongoing support in these countries.

Natural disasters are devastating for communities and livelihoods, displacing people from their homes, exacerbating poverty and increasing the risk of exploitation. In Bangladesh, a country prone to flooding and drought, our latest contributions are being channelled into helping local people put in place preventative strategies.

Participants receive training in risk management, in building flood shelters and enclosures to protect livestock, and in the construction of dams and canals to relieve drought.