Our Story

Our story traces the growth of a small business into one of the largest fashion retail groups in the world. 



The business begins in A Coruña, north-west Spain

The company starts life as Confecciones GOA, a modest workshop making dresses and quilt dressing gowns for distribution. In ten years, the workforce grows to 500.



The first Zara store opens

After 12 years of making textiles, Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex, opens the business’s first store in A Coruña.



Zara’s approach to fashion is a success

Zara’s business model shrinks the gap between fashion creation and the customer, bringing customers closer than ever to the products they want, all at an affordable price.



Our headquarters are established in Arteixo, Spain

GOA and Samlor, Zara’s first garment factories, are constructed on the outskirts of A Coruña, where our headquarters still are today.



Zara expands across Spain

The company has nine stores in some of the most prestigious shopping districts in Spain’s biggest cities.



Our first logistics centre opens

We invest in building a state-of-the-art logistics centre, spanning 10,000 square metres in Arteixo.



Inditex is officially founded

Inditex is incorporated to bring all our companies together under one banner. We establish a distribution system capable of reacting to shifting market trends extremely quickly.



Zara goes international

We enter our first new market, opening a Zara store in Porto, Portugal.



Zara goes transatlantic

Customers in the US get to shop in Zara for the first time in our new store on Lexington Avenue, New York.



Zara brings its fashion to France

Our first French store opens on Rue Halévy in Paris.



Pull&Bear and Massimo Dutti join Inditex

For the first time we expand our stable, taking on two more brands.



Mexico gets its first Zara store

Zara’s debut store is on Calle Madero, one of the most prestigious shopping streets in Mexico City.



We enter the Greek market

Greece becomes our sixth international market when we open our first Zara store in Athens.



Zara comes to Belgium and Sweden

Our maiden store in Bruges, Belgium, occupies a prime position on Steenstraat, its most significant shopping street and one of its great historical thoroughfares.



We begin operating in Malta

Zara arrives in Valletta. Zara also launches its casual Trafaluc line for women.



We enter the Cypriot market

We open our first Zara store in Nicosia.



We expand to Norway and Israel

We now have more than 600 stores in 14 markets.



Bershka is launched

Our new brand is aimed at young people. Inditex opens stores for the first time in the UK, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Japan, Argentina and Venezuela.



Stradivarius joins Inditex

Our fifth brand is primarily aimed at young and dynamic women (now it also has Man collection). Our international expansion continues into nine new markets: Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Canada, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.



New headquarters are built in Arteixo

We move to a brand-new building in Arteixo, on the outskirts of A Coruña, Spain, to accommodate our rapid growth. We also open stores in four more markets: Andorra, Austria, Denmark and Qatar.



Oysho is launched and Inditex goes public

Our lingerie brand, Oysho, opens its first stores and Inditex is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. We issue our Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers and join the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). We open six new markets.



The 'for&from' programme launches for people with disabilities

Our 'for&from' social inclusion programme begins, providing labour integration for people with disabilities. We build a new distribution centre in Zaragoza, Spain, and open our first stores in Finland, Switzerland, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Singapore.



Zara Home is created

The first stores of our home and interiors brand, Zara Home, are opened. We enter the Slovenian, Slovakian, Russian and Malaysian markets.



We reach the 2,000 store milestone

Our 2,000th store opens in Hong Kong, bringing our coverage to 56 markets across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. We open inaugural stores in Morocco, Estonia, Latvia, Rumania, Hungary, Lithuania and Panama.



Pablo Isla becomes Deputy Chairman and CEO

Pablo Isla becomes Deputy Chairman and CEO of Inditex. Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines become new Inditex markets, along with Monaco and Costa Rica in a busy year that saw almost 700 new stores open across the world.



We develop our Environmental Strategic Plan

Our 2007-2010 Environmental Strategic Plan formalises our aim to ensure our business operations are environmentally responsible and sustainable. Serbia, continental China and Tunisia are newcomers to our global stores map.



Zarahome.com becomes our first online store

We begin our move into online commerce with Zara Home, and open two new distribution centres near Madrid and Léon in Spain. Our 1,000th Zara store opens in Florence. We also sign an agreement with IndustriALL, an international trade union federation, to strengthen labour rights.



Uterqüe is launched and our first eco-store opens

We create our eighth brand Uterqüe, which specialises in fashion accessories. Our first Zara highly eco-efficient store is opened in a landmark building in the commercial heart of Athens. Inditex opens store number 4,000 in Tokyo and we reach 73 markets with stores in South Korea, Ukraine, Montenegro, Honduras and Egypt.



We deepen our coverage in China

Stradivarius, Bershka and Pull&Bear open their first stores in China. Barcelona gets our second eco-store and a new distribution centre in Palafolls.



Zara goes online and our 5,000th store opens in Rome

Zara begins to sell its products online in September and by the end of 2010 the online platform is live in 16 European markets. We mark our 5,000th store with the opening of an eco-efficient Zara store in Rome, and present our new Environmental Strategy Plan, called Sustainable Inditex 2011-2015.



Pablo Isla takes over as chairman

Pablo Isla, the CEO of Inditex since 2005, becomes our chairman too. In the same year, we launch online platforms for all our brands and Zara begins to sell its fashions online in the US and Japan. We achieve presence in 82 markets.



Another milestone is reached: 6,000 stores

We celebrate a new milestone of 6,000 stores with the inauguration of our flagship eco-store in London’s Oxford Street. Zara’s new image is launched at its Fifth Avenue store in New York. We build a cutting-edge logistics centre in Tordera, Barcelona, the first of its kind in Spain to be granted LEED gold environmental rating.



New-image flagship stores open

We rolled out new brand images in our flagships and opened new high-profile stores such as Massimo Dutti at Rue de la Paix and Zara on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, Oysho and Zara Home in Shanghai and Pull&Bear in St Petersburg, among others. We are among the first signatories of the landmark Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh to improve conditions there.



New logistics centre in Cabanillas (Spain)

Our new logistics platform in Cabanillas, Guadalajara, Spain starts operating and achieves the environmental LEED gold certification. We continue to integrate the expansion of our online and offline capacity, with new flagship stores, extension and refurbishment of existing facilities and entrance into new markets. Our new Technological Center is inaugurated.



We reach the 7,000-stores milestone and our employees share our profits

Zara in Hawaii, one of 330 new stores this year, becomes our 7,000th store. We also set up a special profit-sharing plan that pays out €37.4 million to the 78,000 employees in stores, factories, logistics, brands and subsidiaries across 50 countries where we do business.



International recognition of our sustainability work

We are named as group leader for the retailing industry in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and top Greenpeace’s Detox Catwalk, being described as ‘exemplary’ in our approach to zero discharge of hazardous chemicals during our production. We strengthen our unique agreement with IndustriALL Global Union and launch our 2016-2020 Environmental Strategy Plan. Five new markets get their first Inditex stores and we enter eight new online markets.



We keep developing our integrated model of stores and online

In line with our integrated model of stores and online, we begin selling throught zara.com in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. From a commercial perspective, among many other initiatives, we increase the Zara Join Life sustainable collections and spread out this initiative to Massimo Dutti and Oysho.



Selling in 202 markets and expansion of our headquarters

The evolution of our integrated store and online model prompted the expansion our online presence. Zara launched its global online store (zara.com/ww) in 106 markets in which it did not have stores. We also completed the latest expansion of our headquarters in Arteixo, La Coruña (Spain), incorporating new working areas and new services for employees.



Driving our digital and sustainability transformation

We kept our digital and sustainability transformation, a priority strategic target, which is driving renovation of virtually the entire store network and the introduction of cutting-edge technology in all areas of the business model. Inditex is selling in 202 markets, with stores in 96 of them and own online platforms in 66.



A year dominated by the pandemic and key to the transformation of the company

In a year dominated by the covid-19 pandemic, in which the priority was the health of its staff and customers at all times, the advance in the digital transformation strategy initiated in 2012 was underlined, built around the integrated store and online sales platform



Óscar García Maceiras is appointed as CEO

In November 2021, Óscar García Maceiras, until then General Counsel and Secretary of the Board, was appointed as Inditex’s CEO. Year 2021, still shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighted the reactiveness of Inditex’s integrated business model and ranked the company alongside the world’s largest ecommerce players. The company outperformed its sustainability targets, specifically for the use of renewable energy – accounting for 91% of total consumption – and more sustainable raw materials, with Join Life products accounting for 47% of the total, 7 percentage points ahead of target.



Marta Ortega Pérez, Inditex’s Chairperson

In 1 April 2022, Marta Ortega Pérez becomes Inditex’s Non-executive Chairperson. With her appointment, the Group’s Board of Directors completes the generational handover process initiated in 2011 with the replacement of Amancio Ortega by Pablo Isla as Inditex’s Chairman.